Shipping Policy

Product Nature: Our seeds are designated as novelty items and souvenirs, affirming a THC content of 0%. We advise customers to acquaint themselves with the legal framework governing such purchases in their respective Country, State, Province, and Municipality before engaging with Elite Shipped Clones.

Courier Selection: We engage the services of the most appropriate courier based on your geographical location and specific preferences.

Dispatch Schedule: Elite Shipped Clones dispatches orders from Monday to Thursday, prioritizing timely delivery.

Order Processing and Shipping: The majority of seed orders undergo processing and shipping within 24 to 48 hours following confirmation of payment. It is crucial to differentiate between processing time and shipping time; your order will be dispatched in accordance with the chosen shipping option.

Tracking Information: Although we do not actively monitor orders post-shipping, customers are encouraged to utilize the provided tracking information for updates.

Communication and Updates: Tracking details are conveyed via the email address provided during the purchase, with ongoing updates until successful delivery. Should orders be placed on holidays or Sundays, shipment will be executed on the subsequent business day. Pre-orders will be dispatched upon receipt of the product.

Customer Liability: Upon dispatch with the courier, customers assume full accountability for package delivery. Any concerns must be directly addressed with the courier service (USPS/FedEx/UPS), as Elite Shipped Clones relinquishes control over shipping speed upon transfer to the courier.

External Factors Affecting Shipping: Various factors such as COVID-related shortages, holiday seasons in the US, and extensive sales events may potentially lead to delays. Customers are advised that orders may experience additional processing time during these periods.

International Transactions: Please be aware that card transactions are not accepted for international shipping.